The APOLLO 3D Movie Viewer,circa 1981.
Circa 1965.The ANIMATIC Moving Picture Projector.A curio from Peter Austin Mfg. Co.,Canada.The green/red transparent disc is motorised and rotates continually.The projection unit simply shows a slide frame.  Clever use of colour in illustrations enables the spinning disc to accentuate or obliterate reds and greens,giving an impression of movement in a projected "still" frame!
Allied Manufacturing Co., Chicago - Made in the USA, Russanov Can Co." 1935
                                                                    1933    Gilbert   'PAK O' FUN'    Moovy Sho
Really cool gadget from the roaring '20s.A short length of film bearing "stick" pictures of a person in four stages of a movement(eg running/jumping) is placed in front of a row of four torch bulbs.A primitive rotary switch causes the bulbs to light briefly and one after another. Causing an animated image to be projected on the provided screen. What a thrill,not a still!
The set has all the fundamentals of animation -- the only problem is that the "films" are only four frames long- a very short "moovy"! The system uses cellophane "slides" that have four slightly different images. Each image is illuminated by its own 1 Watt bulb. The cellophane strip is placed in a curved chamber so that each image is projected on to the same spot on the screen. The bulbs are lit by using a probe to touch each of four contact points laid out as sectors of a circle. The animation subjects are fairly mundane: a cowboy twirling a lasso, a big fish eating a little fish, a man getting bitten by a mosquito... On the other hand, the set does illustrate the basic principle of animation.
Acknowledgment-"My Life with Gilbert Science Sets" Jitterbuzz
Mattel WESTERN Movie Show,circa 1960
1952 Pocket Movie Viewer